About us

About Play

Based on our experience from distribution – we understand the value of a good solution. It is natural for us to evolve and use this experience and share our knowledge with our customers by providing flexible and personalized third-party logistics solutions for more than just entertainment. We offer warehousing with possible customs warehouse, packaging and bundling, and deliveries all the way to the consumer. We work with both retail and e-commerce and build our business on long-term relationships and trust. We help you find the solution that fits your business and your products! Play is with you all the way, we grow and evolve with our customers. Our headquarters and distribution are located in Borås, Sweden.

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Our solution

We offer the most flexible and personalized solutions for Third-party logistics


We provide Warehousing and offer customs warehouses for import and export.

Packaging / Bundling

Our co-workers are experienced, we know the value of a trustworthy packing service.


We offer integration between different systems. Read more:


We have a long experience of retail solutions, we support you all the way!

Easy Pricing

We believe in simple model of offers and pricing.

Distribution and transport

We offer distribution and transport solutions all over the world, towards retail and consumer. We are the local partner who works globally.


Clients & partners