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The synergy effects after more than 30 years as a traditional wholesaler have resulted in enormous amounts of intelligent capital for maximizing as well as cost-efficiency of daily handling, delivery of goods and POS material to the grocery trade, as well as to e-retailers. With the valuable knowledge that Play accumulated through customers and partners, this has enabled Play today to offer flexible and personal solutions in logistics, warehousing, picking and packing, assembly, bundling and delivery to customers. Everything is based on long and familiar experience and collaboration with customers and partners, both large and small.

About us


Thanks to the mixed mix of clients together with the varied delivery cycles and sales peaks for each chain, Play also manages and offers sales and logistics for both shorter all temporary periods as well as for the time being, depending on the customer’s own wishes. As an already established and approved supplier to the country’s leading chains, the run-in process can be significantly shortened for anyone seeking assistance in getting started selling and delivering to these chains by allowing Play to provide the entire product flow from A to Z. To take advantage of such benefits as Play Offering can often be crucial for new players to be able to break into the market.

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