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As one of Sweden’s oldest distributers in home entertainment, Play is today one of the leaders on the North European market for store concepts within games, film, music and books in all formats. Play was founded as early as 1984 through a merge of music and film companies which had been active since 1967. We have work with distribution from the very beginning, and we have delivered millions of products in all formats, shapes and sizes.


Third Party Logistics Operations

Through the years we have developed a solid and elaborative business of third-party logistics with roots in the core of being a traditional distributer.

Play today are operative in two areas of business, under the same roof. The Entertainment-area operates in retail and store concepts for media and entertainment products. The Logistics-area works with third-party logistics, warehousing, bundling and distribution. It is natural for us to work close and evolve with our customers, we offer more than traditional distribution and logistics services – we offer experience and knowledge that runs all the way back to 1984.

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